Saturday, April 05, 2008

Worst Case Scenario Engine

I have a highly developed worst case scenario engine. I always have. It preceded my becoming a mother, but when parenthood hit me, I realized just how important and invaluable my worst case scenario engine truly is. I'm sure we would all be dead now save for my worst case scenario engine.

I recognize my beloved engine as a personality defect and I certainly didn't mean to pass it on to my child.

But, I have. Just like I passed on short, stubby fingers, pale skin, and a certain roundness, I have passed on a highly developed worst case scenario engine to Trevor.

I know this because today he gave me a list of things he never wants to see:
1) Two tornadoes. One is bad, but two would be much worse.
2) A black hole. Even though they happen in space, they could start in space and then suck up the earth.
3) A meteor. (We suspect this killed the dinosaurs).
4) A volcano. (If it wasn't a meteor, it was probably a volcano).
5) It would be OK if a tree fell, as long as it didn't fall on our house.

His engine is scarier than my engine really.

It never occurred to me to be worried about a black hole.



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Anonymous said...

Hummmmm, I wonder where you got it?? Remember when we went to Padra Island,(is that how you spell it) anyway remember when we went to Texas at Christmas and you all went swimming and playing in the sea. Remember who was standing on the beach and waving thier arms and yelling come back to shore!! GET OUT OF THE WATER!! aLL because I just knew a shark was going to get one of you or one of those nasty riptides would get one of you in their grip and we would never see you again. Hummmm, I really wonder where you got that little "Worst Case Scenario Engine" (just wait until they start driving and they are just a little bit late.)
Love you MOM