Friday, March 21, 2008

Devin says

the darnedest things.

After elbowing me in the nose, he's very likely to say very quickly, "Are you still my best mommy?"

Yesterday, he told me the snack I was offering him would be "Super Duper Awesome!"

Requests for kisses and hugs are often met with, "I only give kisses on other nights."

He was sick last week, but by Monday, he was OK to go to school. He crawled into bed with us and asked if it was a 'chool day. We told him it was. "But, I'm sick!" he told us. The computer guy says, "We'll take your temperature and that will tell us if you're sick or not." We took his temperature and it was normal. The Computer Guy showed him the thermometer and said, "See, you're not sick. It says right here that you're not sick." Devin turned it over and pointed to the little LED light that indicated the thermometer was on. He said, "It says I'm sick right there!" (He went to school).

He's just a funny little character of a kid.

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