Sunday, March 16, 2008


So, the Hilton Vacation Club called us on the phone and said, "Come to Orlando." We said, "NO." So, then they said, "How about New York?" We said, "OK, but you better give us a sweet deal." So, they gave us a sweet deal AND we didn't buy into the Hilton Vacation club. But, we did seriously consider it. So, it was worth their efforts:

There's a slideshow.

Except for Devin getting a cold that turned into Asthma (which I was sure he had outgrown) we had a great time.

At first, I was just mad at Manhattan for not being Chicago. I had no idea that every big City isn't just like Chicago. And, at first, I was pretty sure they all should be! It's a new experience being annoyed with an entire city.

It was fast. The dance between cars and pedestrians was scary, aggressive and cooperative. So many pedestrians. So many cabs. So many street food vendors. I wondered why Chicago didn't have street food vendors, and then realized that Chicago residents aren't in nearly the hurry that Manhattanites are in. They have to eat and run. At least, I guess that's it. I certainly felt the need to rush and to eat while I walked.

There were so many people. They were all dressed in black. Except for me and the homeless people. I was so obviously a tourist (or a not-so-obvious homeless person). I don't mind looking like a tourist in Disney World, in Niagara Falls, and maybe even in Branson, MO. I don't want to look like a tourist in NYC or Chicago for that matter. But, I didn't look like a tourist in Chicago in my light blue Columbia jacket. Well, maybe I did. But, I definitely didn't look homeless. Chicago is slightly more accessible to people like me. People without a black overcoat.

Cabs were easy to catch. Cabs always scared me in Chicago, and I preferred to walk or follow the Computer Guy onto the El. In NY, I liked getting cabs. Walking was OK, too.

NYC is not as clean as Chicago. There. I said it. It's true. Even Trevor said that he preferred Chicago because it's cleaner. He was traumatized by the cigarette butts in the fountain outside of the Apple Store and FAO Schwarz. I was, too.

I was a lot more emotional about the idea of Ground Zero than Ground Zero itself. I worried it would make me cry. It didn't. We're moving forward. We're rebuilding.

Canal Street was a great shopping adventure that the Computer Guy says rivaled his trips to China. 'nuff said.

News was everywhere. It was scrolling in Times Square, scrolling on the Rockefeller Center, scrolling in 16 other places. There was a little TV in the elevator tuned to Fox News (AKA Elliot Spitzer frequented prostitutes News Channel and by the way...NOT MY BUSINESS AND I DON'T WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT). Folks in Manhattan are just tuned in all the time.

And, guess who showed up on the last day we were there and gave a speech in the hotel we we're staying in? The president of the United States. It's not enough that this man has done more to undermine our Constitution, our democracy, and our reputation than anyone in the history of our nation, he has to inconvenience me with his presence preventing us from leaving the parking garage for a measly 10 minute speech on Economics. Seriously? He should talk about economics as we enter a recession? Really raised my ire. Did I mention the cost of oil is over $100/barrel. On his watch. Food Costs are up, too. On his watch. Also, I didn't vote for him, ever.

So, New York was cool. I want to go again. I hope Hilton Vacation club calls again soon.


Anonymous said...

That doesn't look like anything that I'll need to see anytime soon. It's good that you took the boys though. I wonder if someone will retrieve all the knowledge from those museums when global warming isolates that city? The Naked Cowboy..., uh. nevermind. Did you know he's suing m&m's?


nita said...

i love nyc. i do. i wear lots of black. i think it's the main reason...


i'm from vt so whenever i get back from the city it takes days for images of racing traffic to erase itself from my closed eyes. weird.


i would totally take one of those free vacations but i would SO end up buying... sucka!