Thursday, March 27, 2008

Devin's favorite words:

1. Poopy
2. Eyeball

A couple of days ago, he was talking about a talking penis.

His mind is in the gutter! It's so far in the gutter, that we got a note from school on Tuesday that said Devin has to take time-outs during lunch and other activities for saying, "Poopy." I think they'd let him get away with eyeball, but I know (because I'm the MOTHER) that Poopy and Eyeball are both words he uses because he loves them because they sound GROSS.

I swear. We never had this problem with Trevor.

(Did that last sentence sound loving a little sarcastic? If it didn't please add that accent because I love my Devin more than I could have imagined when he was a gassy little needy thing, and I love Trevor too just as much as I imagined when he arrived all perfect and red-headed...and we really never did have a problem with Trevor and potty talk. It's really not his thing.)

1 comment:

Slice of Paradise said...

If that's as far as he goes with potty talk tell daycare to be thrilled! LOL It could be much much worse.

Oye could it be worse!

Ok - "eyeball" might sound slightly gross if you were to just shout it out at someone ...