Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It's here, it's here, it's finally here!

What's here? The SNOW, of course! The snow that I complained about in my previous post is finally here. And, this weekend, I was glad it was here. Because we PLAYED OUTSIDE in the snow. See, we built this snowman!

He's half snow, half rabbit poop. Who knew we had so many rabbits? We didn't until we rolled up all their poop in our snowman.

Here's another. I call this one, "Sad Frosty is my Friend."

Doesn't the snowman look dejected, all leaning over with his head down.

Hey, where's that kids snowpants and snowboots? Shoot! We left them at school. (They're still there for our surprise snow day today, but that's OK because it's too cold for even me to take them outside.)

Guess what else is here!

My first tomato from my


Now, I have about 10 tiny little green cherry tomatoes. I just hope I don't kill them before we get a chance to eat them.

Here's a little treat for you:

Can you see what both the cat and the kid are sitting on? The heater vents. Burrrrr, it's cold in here! All smart cats and kids know what to do when it's cold! Sit your fanny on a heater vent.

And, here's a picture of Devin in a box, but not just any old box...a computer box!

(You might notice Trevor there in the background, intent on playing games on the computer...and so it begins.)

And this is just a study in the faces that Devin makes:


Anonymous said...

iI love the pictures. Thanks for putting them on the blogg. Your Dad is doing better, I think. He will not drink the cabbage juice, he said it gagged him. I keep trying different things to try to fatten him up a little bit.
Love you all

Miss Grace said...

I love the rabbit poop snowman!