Monday, February 04, 2008

How 'bout that?

The Superbowl was indeed yesterday. I've got to tell my peeps at work they let me down by not talking about it enough for me to know that until Saturday. Danged peeps.

So, the Giants won. And, that almost made up for the Bears losing last year. I was rooting for the Giants. Know why? Because they were the underdogs, I'm a bleeding heart, and that's what we do, we bleeding hearts. We root for the underdog. Can I offer my sports commentary? I think there's truth to it.

Although the rookie offense made a few mistakes that could have cost them the title, the Giants' defense prevented the Patriots from scoring at nearly every turn holding them to a mere 2 touchdowns. There's no doubt that Eli Manning did a fantastic job as quarterback for the young team, but it was truly the Giants' defense that secured their place in Superbowl History.

I wrote that all by myself.

I could be a sports writer. Boo-yah.

Back to my life...

This morning, the kids kept each other company while I took a shower and the Computer Guy slept. When I was all neat and shiny and making their lunches, Trevor came over to show me something. Then, Devin ran over to join Trevor and he exclaimed, "Me and Trevor are playing together!" And Trevor added, "yeah, really good, too!"

And, this is why it's good to have 2.

Tomorrow, I'll tell you why it's bad to have 2.

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Sandy C. said...

LOL! You crack me up :) I'm so glad you left a link back here.... I loved your Super Bowl commentary and recap. That was far more advanced than I could ever write....I don't think I pay enough attention during the game.

I'm on the fence about having baby #2...I'm sitting on edge for your reasons why it's a bad idea ;)