Saturday, February 02, 2008

On my mind...

I think the oil companies should pay for the war in Iraq. I don't want any of my tax dollars supporting an un-winnable war for nation building and oil. I'd rather pay to rebuild New Orleans and make sure all kids have access to healthcare and find ways to break our dependence on foreign oil.

I may give my vote to an independent Ron Paul so the Democrats really should be scared of that guy. The only reason I may not give my vote to Ron Paul is that it might let a real Republican in the White House, and I just can't take that any longer.

No matter how hard I've tried, I can't break my Britney habit. I've continued to read about her never ending drama, and I continue to hope she can get better. I hope her recent involuntary commitment helps.

I make the best lasagna that I've ever tasted.

The Corner Room should take Shepard's Pie off their menu. It was atrocious.

I don't understand why my kids aren't perfect angels all the time.

I don't like my angry voice when my kids aren't perfect angels.

I think it's possible that my shushing is more distracting than my children pre-shushed.

Maybe 36 is too old for a bob.

If you cut in front of a lady in a line at the cafe at Barnes and Nobles, realize the mistake after you place your order, and apologize to the lady, is it OK? Even if she seems understanding and nice and thinks your kids are both cute AND the reason you cut? (They weren't. For some reason, I just didn't think she was in line because there was too much space between her and the woman we got behind. And, geez, all she wanted was a little cup of coffee.)

Is the Super Bowl tomorrow? If it is, the reason I don't know that for sure is because I don't work in an office where people would talk about it and because we fast forward through all our commercials and never watch the news because the local news is of really poor production quality and the news stories tend to be months old. At least, they were the last time I tried to watch. Months old news stories aren't news. They're olds.

That's kinda it.

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