Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Follow me on this...

Two kids are harder than one. A lot. I'm not joking. I think that two kids are twice as hard as one. For so many reasons. Take this past Sunday for example. We've started attending a Church. Can you call a Unitarian-Universalism Fellowship a church? I'm going to say that I can. It's just easier. After the service was over, I went to get my children. They were both in the toddler room, even though Trevor is clearly not a Toddler. But, he likes the climbing things in the toddler room. He's all about climbing. When it was time to get him, he shot past me, sans shoes, and into the hallway. I think he was off to join the coffee and cake communion in the fellowship room. I sprinted to catch him, picked up this squirming 5 year old, and took him back to the toddler room to get him ready to go.

Getting his coat and shoes on took about 5 minutes. And, that was bad. But, that he didn't want to leave with me? Embarrassing!

Devin saw this behavior and decided it would be a good time to act just like his hero, his big brother. So, I spent another 3 minutes shoving Devin into his coat and his shoes onto his feet.

It was a challenge. One that I am simply not equipped for! (I joke, I do fine. Normally.)

Are two worth it? Yes! Would I change anything? Heck, no! My family is perfect! Except for sometimes!

Have I told you about Devin's fingers? They're long and graceful and I positively swoon to look at them. Trevor got my short stubby fingers, and I have my dad's short stubby fingers. I've never cared much for my fingers, but since Trevor's are just like mine, mine are suddenly lovely. Quite Lovely.

Here's my take on global warming. The dinosaurs couldn't stop the Ice Age, so I'm not so sure we can prevent global warming. We've got a lot of chutzpah, we do, to think that we can control the history of this huge planet in this vast solar system in this never-ending universe. That we exist at all is a miracle of miracles of chance and happenstance and things that are completely out of our control. I've made all these conclusions based on shows that Trevor makes me watch about the planets and the dinosaurs. Anyway, even though I think global warming may be out of our control, I think it's smart to conserve. Draw your own conclusions about how conserving fuel would keep us out of places like Iraq. I think that on the off chance that humans are the cause of global warming, we should reduce, re-use and recycle. I'm down with that.

But, are my children?

Not so much.

So, I've told them about the Polar Bears.

See, the Polar Bears need the ice so that they can go fishing during the winter. The ice is key to their survival. I gleaned this bit of information from a nature program that Trevor insisted I watch. If we waste a lot of stuff, that contributes to the ice melting then the Polar Bears will die. Do you want the Polar Bears to die? I don't. I really don't! The Polar Bears almost got a finicky Devin to finish his meal the other day. Almost.

Save the Polar Bears. Eat your macaroni.


Miss Grace said...

I'm gonna start using that one. If you don't recycle, POLAR BEARS WILL DIE.

Sandy C. said...

I am totally using that polar bear line!

Okay, I was a bit on the fence about having #2....your post is starting to make me sway in a certain direction...:)

BTW, my daughter has hubby's short and stubby fingers *sobs*...poor girl :(