Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fake Cough

Trevor has has a cough for about a week. It's getting better, but in the middle of it, I started giving him cough medicine at night and before school. Grape Cough Medicine. Yum.

Devin has had his share of illnesses this year, and somehow someway, he didn't pick up Trevor's cough. Good thing, too. I think it would have knocked him on his skinny little backside.

But, he's seen the cough medicine, and he's sensed it's grape-ity goodness. And, he covets his brother's cough.

He covets it so much, he's unleashed a campaign of fake coughing in hopes that my mommy sense gets confused and doses him unnecessarily. That hasn't happened. But, that hasn't doused his desire for his own taste of the dextromethorphan.

It's been several days since anyone has tasted the cough medicine, but Trevor has a little itch bothersome today. So, I said to Trevor, "come on! I'll give you some medicine for that."

Upon hearing the word "medicine," Devin came running after us, fake coughing all the way...

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