Thursday, February 28, 2008

Math Genius

It may surprise you, but this post will actually be about Devin!

We drove by a house on the way home from school that has a 4 car garage. Devin said, "They have 4 garages."

WOW! I was impressed. He can count to 4. But, he had to count these 4 garages without using his fingers. He just looked and counted. And, he knew it was 4. I think this might be HUGE!

Then he said, "We just have 2 garages."

It's true. We only have two garage doors. And, we weren't even looking at our garage when he said that. Maybe his memory is astounding as Trevor's, too!

Plus, he's CHOSEN to take a math lesson at school for the last two days.

Oh, my.

I just have the most brilliant children.

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Anonymous said...

WAS THERE A N Y DOUBT????? I have the very smartest grandchildren and now I've started on the very smartest great grandchildren.
Love you All,