Tuesday, January 08, 2008


As a kid, I was keenly aware that I lived in tornado alley. And, tornadoes scared the heck out of me. When they said, "We've got greenage!" in that movie, Twister, a deep frightful place in me responded to the truth in that statement.

Last night, my boss's house got hit by a tornado in Wisconsin. He said that 10 houses in his neighborhood were destroyed, and MSNBC said that 11 houses in Wisconsin were destroyed. His house is still standing, but it appears only because tornadoes are random in their destruction.

I don't think Wisconsin is in Tornado alley, and yesterday was a glorious Indian Summer Day here in Central PA where we dug for fossils in the creek sand behind the house in our shirt-sleeves. I'm thankful for our beautiful day here and thankful no one in Wisconsin died in the tornadoes yesterday. Keep Wisconsin in your thoughts today, please.

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Anonymous said...

We were under a tornado watch for most of the afternood, but it never did turn greenish, thank goodness. Lots of lighting tho. I am always glad when a watch or warning is over. You have to be silly not to be afraid just a little bit when there is a chance of a tornado.
Love MOM