Sunday, January 06, 2008

Guess who's using the Potty?!

Did you guess me?  You're right!  But, so is Devin!  We started talking about it yesterday, and I asked him to try and he said, "Ok, I might, but I might not (go pee)."  All I asked was that he tried, and he did try.  About six or seven times, as I hovered nearby anxiously waiting for the tinkling to make music in my ears.  But nothing.  He was definitely on the "might not" side of the equation.

But, then.  But, then!  He went and sat on the little potty in the bathroom and came back all excited because he had in fact gone potty!  Then, he did that about 8 more times.  And, today, he went shopping with the Computer Guy for at least 2 hours without having a single accident in Trevor's underwear!  (He knows where we keep Trevor's underwear but he's having a hard time finding his own, you see.)

I did promise a couple of things...cake and lasagna, birthday style.  I'll invite his grandparents over.  I'll let him pick out a big toy.  We'll take him to Disney World (We're going anyway! Sometime within the next few months, so we'll let it be his reward.  It'll be fine.  He's not spoiled!)  We'd been making similar promises for months to no avail.  I'm not sure what's different now.  I don't care.  He's using the potty, and I am so proud of him.  Trevor is so proud of him that he actually shook his hand this morning.  Whaddya think about that??

I think this is going to go relatively fast, too.  That's my hope.  Man, I hope he doesn't get a cold and have a set back.  Can you imagine never having to buy diapers again?  Can you?  Wipes? Running out of them? Freecycling the changing table? Never having to worry about diapers, wet dry or indifferent again?  Can you imagine??



Beth said...

Congratulations! And yes, I know the thrill and excitement of never having to buy diapers and wipes again! It is a glorious day when you don't have to remove another dirty diaper and clean another poo stained bottome!

But shhhhh! Don't mention the Disney World thing to my kids. They only got M&M's and might regress if they thought they could get a trip to Disney out of it!

nita said...

i laughed at the shaking hands bit. yay you guys!