Friday, January 04, 2008

All out of order

I still need to get pictures off my camera, so this is all of order.  Hope that works for you!

On New Year's day, there was a bit of snow on the ground, so we went sledding in our backyard.  Our sled hill ends in a wild rose bush with thorns, and that's sad.  But, we were pretty good about hopping off the sled just in time.  Santa brought both boys a little blue disc, and lo and behold, I can fit on it, too!  What a fun time, we had.  I need to rip out those thorny bushes, though.  Not only do they make an unpleasant end to a pleasant sled hill, they make it hard to mow in the summer when they reach out and grab me with their sticky grabby hatefulness that won't even produce wild roses in the summer.

After our sledding, we went and explored the area behind out house.  The developer of our neighborhood has built a raised boardwalk because it gets swampy back there, so we spent about 20 minutes making snowballs from the snow on the boardwalk and throwing it at the trees.   Then, we went to feed the ducks.  Our neighbor up the street feeds them every day, so they live in the creek behind her house.  But, they come out of the creek, too.  As we walked toward the section of the creek where the ducks spend their time, some were on the bank.  We stopped because no need to scare them away, right?  They didn't take much notice of us.  A few minutes later, they did notice us, so they started walking towards us!  Bold ducks, they!  On Christmas Eve, a lame deer came to our back yard.  I tried to call someone to help when my brother in law suggested that I call a hunter.  I decided then just to let it be.  I figured off it was better off without my help!  Good thing, too.  Apparently, the lame deer has been hanging around here for awhile now.

Oh, and the neighbor who feeds the ducks? She's asked the boys to join her a couple of times.  Last time, Devin so desperately wanted her to stay for a play date.  She left, and later he said he was going to call her "Dot.Com."  Why?  Why?  I have no idea.

Trevor is making New Year's resolutions at school.  His first is to start feeding Socks.  Not bad, I say.  His original second was to help me keep his dirty clothes separate from his clean ones.  Then, he decided this would be too hard.  Why would this be too hard?  All it really means is that he puts his dirty clothes in the hamper, right?  No, he likes to get all of his clothes out of their drawers before deciding on what to wear, and he likes to throw his dirty clothes pretty much in the same place.  Then, when I come to sort things out, no one knows what's clean and what's dirty.  So, too hard.  Instead of this, he's going to help me and Dad clean the whole house.  But, yesterday, he didn't want to do any jobs.  I tried to explain it's only a job if you're cleaning up after some one else.  But, he wasn't buying that.  He's not even going to clean up after himself without a fight most days.  Unless Grandma is coming over.  He'll clean his room if Grandma is coming over because he just knows it will make her day to see a clean room.

Want to hear a progress report on Devin and potty training?  There's no progress.  I just gotta keep telling myself that he won't be wearing a diaper in kindergarten!

Trevor watched a show last night called Blue Planet.  It's topic was life at the poles, specifically in and around the polar seas.  There was a little white baby seal who made a cute little noise.  Trevor loved this little baby seal.  It made him very emotional.  Not sad, not mad, not angry.  Just filled with love, I guess.  It was a sweet moment.  I still tried my best to comfort him even when I knew his were tears of love.  It felt like tears of sadness.  Sweet.

Devin can be a little mean.  Often over the last two weeks when they were off from school, this mean streak was directed at Trevor.  We tried time-outs over and over and over.  Finally, one night around 7:30, I just put him to bed because he wasn't stopping.  I read him books and treated it like a normal bed time, but he just cried and cried.  He wanted his brother.  But, he had lost his Trevor privilege.  This is a new weapon in our arsenal and we will use it as needed!  We gave in a little finally.  He wanted Trevor to read him a book. So, Trevor did.  He's got a little book memorized, and he went up to read it to his little brother. Trevor came down and Devin followed right behind, sad and crying.  Trevor said, "It's OK! He just wants me to read the book to him again!"  So, he read him the book once more.  Then, he cried but stayed in bed and finally went to sleep.

This was the first year that we really experience a school break.  What a challenge!  I was pretty busy with work, and that was not expected.  But, I really really really was looking forward to school restarting.  Which it did Wednesday.  Yay for us.  Back to the routine.  I missed you, routine!  I could write a poem about how I looked forward to school restarting, and I'm sure that it would move you!  But, I won't just in case it's really boring.

Ok, all caught up on the cute stories of late.

Can I take a moment...

I would love to write a letter to the paparazzi who follow Britney Spears and ask them to stop.  I can't help but read about her because I'm fascinated and all and I want to invite her over just to stay and detox for a month, I really do.  But, I would be just as happy not reading about her, and I think her life outlook would shoot up if we would leave her alone.  Can't we just leave Britney alone?  Join with me in leaving Britney alone.  Even say a little prayer for her if you pray.  She needs some help.  That's my New year's resolution.  I'm going to stop reading stories about Britney and say a little prayer for every now and then.

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Hope said...

I keep thinking I wish Britney could come stay with me for a while too. I feel a need to her her get "fixed" and learn to be a good mom. I think she has it in her somewhere.