Monday, December 31, 2007

OK, Christmas

It was pretty awesome.  First, Aunt Ramona and Uncle Jim came all the way from Illinois WITH canine cousins Pete and Charlie!  What troopers!  The kids loved having their dog cousins stay at their house for the holiday.

Second, according to Trevor, Santa Claus really knew what he wanted for Christmas.  In fact, it was a much better Christmas than his last one!  Santa knew that all Trevor wanted for Christmas was dinosaurs and Superheroes.  That was all he got from Santa, mom and dad, and grandma, grandpa, Ramona and Jim. Sure, there were a few other things thrown in there, but the theme was definitely pre-historic and super. 

Devin is still a little too younng to have much of an opinion on his gifts.  I think he likes everything he got just fine. In fact, he was SO EXCITED to see that he got two more Walter the Farting Dog books.  But, other than that, he was just happy to be awake and playing with new toys once the un-wrapping was all done.  We played happily at home with all our new stuff for a couple of hours and then headed on over to the Grandparent's house for mor unwrapping and more food.  Lunch was a selection of soups.  I brought rice that I had made with my new rice cooker, but it didn't really fit it with the rest of the meal.  I ate it, though.  It was my best rice, ever!  There was also some incredibly yummy home made bread.  Grandma makes this Rosemary Garlic bread that is simply sublime.  Have you ever had garlic in a dish where the garlic was so subtle you didn't know it was garlic, you just knew it was delicious?  That is this bread.  Dinner was a feast of lobster, steak, twice baked potatoes, cole slaw and a nice healthy salad.  I think there was more.  I'm not sure.  There was no room in my tummy for anything else.

I was pretty caught up in unwrapping and filling my stomach with things I didn't have to cook to call everyone in my family, but I did talk to my own Mom and Dad.  Dad was home for Christmas, and isn't that good news!?!  Mom had called me the Wednesday before Christmas to let me know Dad would be getting out of the hospital that day.  He'd been there a week with stomach pains.  This is what I get for moving far away.  They don't worry me until the need for worrying has passed.  I suppose it's a blessing since Lord, do I know how to worry!  (But, now there is guilt.  Guilt, Worry, Guilt, Worry...Ah, forget it!)  When I called him the next day, he told me he'd actually gotten out that day.  It was an ulcer.  Chemo and Radiation is bad news.  I'm going to try to avoid it myself if I can.  Dad is cancer free for Christmas, though, and that's the best Christmas present this year!

Well, there are things to do and I need to get to them before the sun goes down.  Will post pictures later when my picture server is back up and running!

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