Friday, January 11, 2008


I adore Devin. I really do. I adore Trevor, too. He's our resident expert on dinosaurs, and if we have a question about a dinosaur, we ask Trevor and we trust his information. But, I want to talk about Devin.

Last night, we were in the office and we heard him rustling around in his bedroom. Then, we heard his door squeak open. He must have heard us because he didn't come down. Instead, he let out a choked sob. He's had a cough, so I ran to him to make sure he was OK. I knelt down to his level and asked what was wrong. He threw his arms around my neck and as I pulled him close, he said with a cry, "I want you to go to bed!"

He's been coming to our bed each night around midnight or right after. I pull him up and put him in the middle and that's where he sleeps. So, he was upset because he was ready for his second phase of night-night, and we weren't in bed.

I carried him downstairs, and while I was still holding him, I started turning off lights and putting things away so that I could go to bed. The computer guy came over and said hopefully, "You want me to take him?" I didn't. I was pretty busy adoring my Devin, but I could tell that he wanted to adore him, too. So, I gave him up and finished my tasks as the Computer Guy coo'd to him and took him to bed. When I finally came to bed, Devin and his dad were nose to nose, "keeping each other warm," the Computer Guy said.

I wish this conveyed how much I adore Devin. He's just a wonderful little kid. I know he's going to have to beat back this "ornery" label that me and his teachers and everyone who knows him has saddled him with. Maybe "adored" will outweigh "ornery." Ooooo, I just want to give him a cuddle right now. Too bad he's at school. Cuddles later...

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nita said...

my little monkey comes in every morning around 7, says, "psst! move over! i want to snuggle it" and we spend at least half an hour that way every day. without doubt, a warm memory that will last as long as i do:)

thanks for sharing!