Friday, January 11, 2008

The tornado and the end of the rainbow.

I'm pretty sure this is my boss's neighborhood. I just talked to him, and he sounds exhausted. He's been quite busy helping to take of his neighbors in need, and he's looking forward to coming back to work so that he can relax.


On a brighter note, though, the Computer Guy and I went out for lunch, and we saw a rainbow. And, then, we saw the end of that rainbow right there off to our left. Pretty cool.


Mary said...

Wow: I am having a flashback. When I was a child, our house was destroyed (actually, completely flattened and then the debris removed) by a tornado. It remains a searing memory and this is my landscape. Hope your boss regroups.

Busy_Woman said...

Mary...fortunately, his house is still standing with very minimal damage. He's thinking repairing the damage will cost less than his deductible. I have to think his neighbors are just glad he's there. He's been making sure they are fed and safe. He's a great guy. I'm sorry this happened to your house as a kid. I grew up in OKlahoma, and I was always afraid of tornadoes, but I've never had to live through one.