Tuesday, December 18, 2007

McCago, McCago, a wonderful town, a wonderful town

Isn't that how it goes?

Even though I don't live here anymore, McCago is my kind of town. Okay, maybe not my kind of town because my kind of town isn't so huge and full of so many people and traffic and public transportation. It's just my town. And, by McCago, I mean Chicagoland, at least the Far North and Northwest suburbs. Mine. All mine...

I am just so done with business trips that take me anywhere but Chicagoland. It has that local news and roads that I know and places I like to shop. I heart Chicagoland. But, I was wrong about something. In my memory, it was warmer here in the winter. In reality, Chicagoland is colder than our new place, which is more my kind of town without quite being my town, yet. Make sense? Yes? No? Would you believe it's all about the local news? I'm not sure I understand it either. But, I love Chicago Local News, but only while in Chicago. WGN while in another state won't work. It's not the same.

Devin misses me. The computer guy said that he cried for 15 minutes this morning full of missing me. I had a quiet breakfast. But by this afternoon, here's what he said to his daddy. "Do you remember when mom left for Chicago and I was sad and cried?" The computer guy said, "Yeah, are you still sad?" And, Devin said, "No, but do you remember that?" Their missing me felt a little better yesterday than it does today.

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Anonymous said...

I Know you miss the boys, all three of them. Sorry I called you yesterday, I have not been getting on the computer for the last few days, so I forgot you were going to be in your McCago land. Your Dad should be getting out sometime today. Lets all hope this is the last time for quite a while he is in the hospital.
Love you all, MOM