Sunday, December 16, 2007

i am a WUSS

Of course, I didn't go shopping in their bedrooms. It still seems like a good idea, but Trevor is too clever. He would know that the used toys Santa was regifting him were his own, and the jig would be up. I think I convinced him last night that I was given Santa's phone number and email address at the same time I got his birth certificate, so exposing the Santa Myth now would just not work out. Not at all.

So, I went shopping yesterday. I got a lot more books than I normally would. And, some toys, but not so many toys that my head will explode.

I will definitely regift a V-smile we got them last year. I will tell them it is an official regift because it had been forgotten. I may regift a few other things because I love to spend all morning opening presents, and we've only got maybe 30 minutes worth of presents right now. Which is enough. More than enough. I think I can be honest and say they aren't from Santa but Santa wanted me to remind the boys to play with the toys they got. Yeah. It will be a new Santa myth. Of course, there's no time for any of this. I go to Chicago tomorrow and won't be coming home until Friday. Out of the three business trips I've taken in my life, this will be the second that occurs the week before Christmas. Last year, we went to Walt Disney World the week before Christmas. Anyway, I've digressed.

Before I went shopping, I thought that I might just make all the Christmas presents for the boys. So far, I have one sock monkey who needs ears, and another Sock monkey who needs ears, arms, a tail, and eyes. I made sock monkeys (almost)! The computer guy helped! He stuffed one of the Sock Monkeys! Here's what else I've done.

I ADORE the pictures of the boys that were taken moments after they were born. I love the colors and the babies and their beautiful crying faces. I know these little pictures don't give you a chance to explore all that, so here are links to the full size collages to explore at your leisure:

Just Born Trevor
Just Born Devin

Santa Devin
Trevor in Fall and Winter 2003
Devin's First Winter

Trevor's First Summer
Devin's First Summer

Trevor's First Birthday
Devin's First Birthday

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nita said...

good lord woman! you'll have some time if you don't spend a zillion hours making collage art!!!

will you make me one??!!!