Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Know what I'm thinking???

I'm thinking that the boys have too many toys and enough clothes and even if they didn't have enough clothes, there's no way I'm getting Trevor any clothes because he has to officially pick them out himself now that he has more fashion sense than anyone I know.

So, I'm thinking of going shopping in their bedrooms and wrapping up toys they haven't played with in awhile. They have plenty of those. PLENTY.

It feels really scrooge-ish. But, buying more toys when we have a toy problem feels wrong-ish.

Well, that's what I'm going to do this afternoon. Work is slow. So, I'm going shopping in their bedrooms as soon as my daily meeting is over.


Anonymous said...

Good Idea Tricia. I always wanted to do that but never did. They will more than likely be real excited about getting something like what they already have. I keep saying I am going to wrap up empty boxes for the boys,Austin and Stephen, and put them under the tree for them.

Beth said...

What a great idea! Let us know how that works on Christmas morning!