Thursday, November 22, 2007


Here we are in frigid Oklahoma, bellies full of Turkey and noodles and *real* mashed potatoes. Trevor and Devin taught cousins Logan and Jena all about wrestling, and Memaw has said at least once a day, "Just one more?" and then disappeared to her bedroom returning with armfuls of gifts for her four little grandchildren. (The big grandchildren are, in fact, jealous.)

We brought Logan home from my Grandma's house, while Devin rode with his Aunt Vikki. Trevor begged a sleepover. I was non-commital and when they didn't bring it up again, neither did I. Then, they talked about Christmas. It's a little confusing, I think, since Memaw has brought Christmas early and every day that we've been here. But, Trevor told Logan that we won't be coming to Oklahoma for Christmas because we will be getting some vacationers.

He told her that Pete, Charlie, Aunt Ramona and Uncle Jim will be coming to visit.

Logan wanted to know who all these people were.

"Well, Charlie is a Golden Retreiver. Pete is, uh, hmmmm, a chocolate lab. Aunt Ramona is a human. And, Uncle Jim is a human, too."

I guess girl cousins are cool. Teaching them to wrestle is awesome. Big boy cousins are fun to kick about the head and chest. But, dog cousins are very much anticipated, too... (as are the human aunt and uncle.)

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