Thursday, November 29, 2007

Over Breakfast

Trevor told me that he wanted a dragon. Then, he described this dragon...

First, it would breathe fire and ice. When he was hot, it would breathe ice into the clouds and cause snow to fall down. When he was hungry, he would use his fiery breath to cook something for Trevor.

This dragon would be the size for a house, which is about as big as our cat. How big do you think she is? About twelve pounds maybe.

His Dragon would have scales that turned to fur so that it would be nice to pet.

Where did he get all this information about dragons? From his own thoughts, that's where. At least that's what he told me.

Dragons are also good for the world. He told me over Thanksgiving that Dragons from China are good for the environment. And, then we picked up trash at the park we were at because we were both sad to see all the litter. We didn't pick it all up, but we got some of it. There's also dragons from South America. I don't think they are as good for the environment. Those Chinese dragons, though, they control the weather in addition to being good for the environment.

He may have learned about Chinese Dragons at school. I'm not sure. But I can't convince myself that he doesn't have a vivid imagination because he certainly does.


nita said...

i'm glad you write this stuff down. they're soooo effing clever at this age. i love love LOVE when my girl starts explaining how reindeers have to point their penises backwards when they go sledding so they don't run them over.


we need a snow dragon here cuz she's making me crazy asking to go sledding every day when she opens her eyes! send on the snow dragon!

Busy_Woman said...

It was the snow dragon thing that made me think (again) how smart he is. I think if a dragon existed and could make snow, this is how they would do it. He is smart.

And, your girl is thinking about reindeer penises? I guess she's right about how they would have to point to avoid injury. If they were sledding on their bellies, they would have to do something!