Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Flu Shots

I got mine a couple of weeks ago. Trevor watched as the needle was pressed into my arm, and he winced.

They got theirs today.

Devin went first. Normally, Trevor would go first because he's got a pretty forceful personality that requires he be the first in line in our family. But, this was for a shot, she he said, "Why do I have to go first?" in a whiny voice. We told him that he didn't and Devin could go first. Devin said, "YAY!"

We followed the signs to the flu shot clinic, and Trevor was tense. Devin was non-chalant, none-the-wiser, happy as a clam.

Devin went first.

He finally realized what this was all about, and he was reluctant. Still, he cooperated. He got the shot in his leg, lucky kid. I pulled his pants down, sat him on my lap, the nurse crossed his arms across his chest and instructed me to hold him tight. She said, "this will be quick," and then plunged the needle into his thigh. I was amazed at how far it went in.

I winced.

Trevor watched, and he winced, too.

Devin said, "Ow-wee, Ow-wee!" And, he cried for about 15 seconds. Then, he was all better and ready for the next thing, whatever it may be.

Then, it was Trevor's turn. He had to get his in the arm, and the Computer Guy was in charge of him (poor computer guy). The nurse told him to hold Trevor's legs with his own because those little legs were flailing. He had turned into board boy with the loud cry. Since Devin was cool with his little flu shot hole and sports themed bandage, I stepped in and rolled up Trevor's sleeves. It was a little tougher than normal since he was wearing two layers as is his new custom.

As the Computer Guy held him in his leg vice, the nurse gently closed the door to muffle his cries to the rest of the office and then plunged the needle into his arm. His cries continued, unabated.

For about 2 minutes.

As we left the room where the shots were administered, Trevor was still not happy.

The nice ladies at the nurse's station offered stickers. Devin was all, "YEAH!" And, then he stepped around Trevor to get to the stickers. Very decisively, he picked out a Transformers (More than meets the EYE!) sticker and tried to stick it to his arm. "It won't stick," he told me. I removed the backing, and that fixed the problem.

Trevor was more deliberate in his sticker picking out. He was still picking a sticker and his face was still pouty when the nurses offered suckers. Devin was all
"YEAH!" and stepped around Trevor to get to the lollipops. Diverted from the sticker choosing, Trevor deliberated over a sucker. After successfully choosing a Creme Soda dum-dum, he finessed a Jimmy Neutron sticker out the bucket o' boo-boo stickers.

And, at this point, both boys were happy again. No more tears.

Back at the car, the Computer Guy said to Devin, "You did really great, Devin!"

Trevor said, "What about me, Dad?"

To this, Dad told him that he cried and kicked and that he wasn't so very good, really.

To this, Trevor said, "Oh, that hurt my feelings."

More discussion on the topic revealed that Trevor actually didn't want to talk about it anymore, by the way.

Well, the sports themed bandages made the whole thing all worth it.

Have you gotten your flu shot, yet?

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nita said...

rio got hers. i was in such a freaking rush to get out the door that i went in my slippers. we looked like a vagabond family rolling in for flu shots!