Friday, November 02, 2007

Let's call this...Tricia Cooks!

Cooking is like fishing for me. I like it when I'm catching fish. Or, when those who eat my food enjoy it. Or, when I enjoy it. And, it has to be easy, too. See how they're similar.

So, here's a recipe. I just made it, and it was very very very Good.

Spinach Salad
...I prefer the spinach that's triple washed that you can use straight out of the bag. I also prefer e. coli free spinach. Good luck with that that.
Bacon...I prefer the bacon that is already cooked that you can use right out of the package.
Olive Oil...the kind that doesn't cost as much as a nice bottle of wine but which still has some health benefit.
Vinegar...I like a mixture of Balsamic and Red Wine or Apple Cider Vinegar. Avoid white vinegar. If that's all you have in the pantry or under the sink, don't make this salad, please.

Saute a splash or two of oil in a small skillet. As the oil warms up, tear up some of your pre-cooked bacon and crisp it up in the olive oil.

Put some spinach in a bowl, preferably a bowl that won't melt when you pour hot oil into it.

When the oil is hot and the bacon is looking a little crispier than when you first took it out of the package, pour it over the Spinach.

Add a splash or two of the vinegars that please you the most.


Best Served Warm.

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