Saturday, November 03, 2007

How Trevor doesn't look like me...

I think it's like the weather. When I meet new people with kids, I want to know which parent the kid looks most like. On the one hand, I know there is nothing I can do to change the weather, and I recognize the cliche of talking about the weather AND where your kid got his nose. On the other hand, I really want to talk about it and understand how your kid can be so tall while mine is not so tall. For some reason, knowing the parent that your child most resembles is compelling to me the way that the drought is affecting milk and corn prices. I can't do anything about where your kid got his ears or the lack of rain in the Southeast, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to talk about it.

Thing is, I never can tell. The only reason I think that Trevor looks like me and not his dad is because he's round and I'm round and the Computer Guy is not round in any way. And, I think Devin looks like his dad because he doesn't look like me because he's less round.

But, here's the real truth. My kid, Trevor, who some folks may be compelled to call a little Tricia doesn't really look like me much at all.

See that chin. It's darn near chiseled. His nose is nothing short of a perfect button nose. If you look close at his hair, it's actually red and blonde. No, golden. And, his eyes are HUGE and strikingly blue.

See this chin...not so chiseled. The nose, though cute, is not a perfect button. The hair color may have been similar, but I doubt it was as MAGICAL as Trevor's is. And, my eyes were not HUGE, though they may have been strikingly blue when I was little.

So there it is. Trevor looks less like me and more like him than previously thought (mostly by me.) I will probably continue to believe that he is a little bit of a mini me because who wouldn't want to resemble Trevor with his red hair and huge blue eyes? But, I'll know that he really just looks like him because I read it here first.

That won't stop me from examining your kid and trying to figure out where he got his lips, though. It also won't stop me from commenting on the weather, either, for that matter.
Side by Side for easier comparison:

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BOSSY said...

It's just the eyes that are slightly different. Anyway, be prepared for him to morph before your eyes. Genes hide in shadows and then emerge.