Friday, November 02, 2007

Why Two are Better than One

When Devin was little and I resented him because he cried more than Trevor and had to be held all the time and kept me awake at night just at the time that Trevor had started letting me sleep, I looked forward to the day when my two boys would play with each other and let me and the Computer Guy sleep in.

Well, that day is now here, usually.

Sometimes, they come in and try to get me out of bed to pour them each a bowl of cereal, sometimes I whisper for them to go ask Daddy, and sometimes Trevor takes charge and gets out bowls for both of them and pours their cereal. Milk is harder, but sometimes cereal is good without milk.

Anyway, yesterday morning was one of those days. Yesterday morning was also the day after Halloween, an important fact that I neglected to remember as I lay in bed stretching like a cat and luxuriating in the notion that motherhood can be easy and rewarding when you have two little boys 21 months apart who can entertain each other for the hour after they wake up. I laid there all warm and content for at least 45 minutes.

But, then it was time to get up and do all the things I need to do in the morning.

As I was straightening the kitchen, I realized the trick or treat buckets were not where I had left them the night before. The quiet 45 minutes I had spent in bed stretching and feeling secure took on a different light as I realized it was probably the candy and not each other that kept them occupied for the last hour.

I got Trevor to bring me his pumpkin full o' candy. Devin wouldn't do the same. He was a little scattered.

When I finally made it upstairs, I was surprised to see candy wrappers all over the floor. I was sure that our daily mantra, "No Candy for Breakfast," had sunk in and become one with our children. I had convinced myself that they had been searching for more toys in their buckets and sorting their candy during their quiet hour.

I picked up at least 10 to 15 candy wrappers.

Even if they split it, 5 to 7 pieces of candy is alot of sugar in the morning. We got Trevor to have some cereal, but Devin was too wound up for it. Trevor assured me that he didn't have any of that candy. He said it was all Devin. It may have been. I don't think Trevor really *gets* lying. But, it's hard to believe that Trevor didn't partake of at least 1 or 2 of the 10 to 15 pieces of candy that was opened yesterday morning.

So, that's why are two are better than one. It's also why I need to hide the Halloween candy before I go to sleep on Halloween night...

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