Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Vikki, Extraordinaire

So, I know that you know that I think my sister Vikki is an incredible and inspiring person (who's stuck in a dead end job, and that pun is really not intended).

She's been a painter, a sculptress, a full-time mommy and student forever, and she's currently doing this last part while working full time and/or part time for a bunch of ungrateful and immoral bosses who will remain nameless mostly because I don't know their names. But, I wish I could tell them that Karma is bad, bad, bad, and get them to treat her right.

Anyway, she is currently taking classes so that she can become a full-time funeral director in her home state. She is taking a creative writing class, and she's found that she is just as creative and artistic as a writer as she was as a painter. I made her send me a poem so that I could publish it here for your reading pleasure. I know most of my audience knows and loves Vikki as much as I do, so please enjoy:

I will spin my web
Here, the ideal place
To catch those with wings
In my organic lace

I start from this branch
And free fall through space
To the ground and up again
To make a sturdy base

Around in circles
I make certain to take care
To be mathematically divine
Ensuring insects will be snared

Now that it is done
I only sit and wait
For unsuspecting passersbys
To meet their ghastly fates

I sense vibration
And I move with speed
I will poison and cocoon him
And wait 'til later to feed

Copyright by Vikki (is that legal and binding? I think it is)
(She has written another poem that I plan on posting in the next few days.)


BOSSY said...

Bossy loves her some sibling lurve.

MOM said...

Hey, she did a great job, didn't she. Thanks for putting it on your blogg.