Wednesday, October 03, 2007


I use to see how many hits I get on this site. And it also shows me your IP address. I am really good at Excel and I can show you a picture here on my blog using a little HTML. I can even show you links to other sites using my limited and rudimentary HTML, but I'm not nearly as technically savvy as I would have been if I hadn't married the computer guy. See, I don't have to be. I just ask him. I wanted to know how many readers I have, so I tried to get y'all to comment. My mom did. So, did my Aunt Mary. They rock. Then I told the computer guy I that I wanted to know more about my readers, and he found and then figured out how to put into my blog template so that it would keep an eye on you, my readers.

So, I'm keeping my eye on you.

But, I'm not all that technically savvy. That's the summary. That's not even the confession.

Here's the confession. I may as well be Catholic given how intense this need to confess has been. I have tried repeatedly to figure out exactly who in Boise, Idaho has been reading my Blog on a regular basis. I had all sorts of ideas about what kind of person it might be. And, I tried to call Boise, Idaho out and get him/her to comment so that I could know who he/she was. I changed daddy's name to daddy and then the computer guy because I didn't want Boise, Idaho to track me down somehow.

Then, did a little upgrade. And now, Boise, Idaho shows up in Oklahoma. I'm pretty sure Boise, Idaho is an aunt or she works with my mom. So, gosh. I don't know what else to add. I'm sorry for thinking you lived in Idaho.

Next time, I won't trust the old quite so much.

I do know a little more about you if you want to comment so that I can re-label you with who you really are. You visit using Safari 1.2 most of the time. You really ought to know who you are now. So, tell me.

It will really help me sleep at night.

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rchmura said...

You might like GoStats better. It give better information and doesn't die after a certain number of hits. :)