Thursday, October 04, 2007

Devin's dreamy lie

Trevor was telling us about his scary dream the other night, so Devin piped up with his own scary dream. He saved Trevor from whatever monster was haunting him. I'm pretty sure it was a lie because he incorporated elements from Trevor's dream into his own, and he had to wait for Trevor to tell us his dream to add to his own dream story. I wonder when 2nd children start having original thoughts? Did I have original thoughts when I was 2, or did I just repeat everything Sindy said with my own little twists?

Well, Devin apparently had another scary dream last night, and he told us about this one without hearing Trevor's dream first. Either way, it's a figment of his imagination. Here it is:

"I dreamed there was a light on my tongue, and then I laid down at the lunch place. But, I laid down on top! And, then it turned into a monster, and then the light on my tongue turned into a monster, and there was a monster in my mouth, and it scared me."

I wonder what it means.

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