Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Mr. Independent

Trevor, the light of my life, has become very vocal on the topic of his independence. Specifically, he says, "I don't want you to be the boss of my anymore!" This statement did come right on the heels of my asking him to pick the toys up off the living room floor. It was his choice. He could either go find something else to do, or he could pick up the toys from the floor and then I would turn on a show. I thought giving him choices would be enough. It wasn't.

It took awhile. But, finally he picked up his toys. He even told Devin how great it was to pick up toys. At dinner, I mentioned to the computer guy how Trevor is tired of me being the boss of him. I don't think I was judgmental. I only told the story because I thought it was cute. But, still. Trevor offered a sheepish grin, and said, "Yeah, but I was just joking."

But, he wasn't. He's really interested in being independent. He's acting out at school and home in an effort to make his own choices, and he's even dreaming of the day when he's the boss of himself. He asked me yesterday if when I was a kid, I ever wanted to do things all by myself. When I told him that I sure did, he revealed that when he can, he will buy all the toys in the world. I remember feeling like that about cool whip, and how I would eat it straight from the freezer when I was all grown up. (I really don't do that nearly as much as I thought I would.)

So, this is a new phase, and one that I hope I manage well. Because if I can raise an independent kid who is considerate and makes good choices, I'll give myself the mother of the year award.

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MOM said...

Tell Mr. Independent to just wait a few more years, he really will be able to stand not being independent just a little while longer.