Monday, September 24, 2007

Monster Mom

Sunday evening, I sat in the office perusing various sordid sites on the internet. As I sat innocently reading about crime in Buffalo, New York, Devin told me that I looked like a monster. I'm sure it the eerie glow from the laptop reflecting off my face that caused him to make this observation. I didn't respond to him saying that I looked like a monster. It's not something I really want to encourage my children to comment on, right? But, eventually, he said, "You look like a Monster, Mommy. Say Thank you, Mommy. Say Thank You."

So, I said Thank You. Thank You...

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MOM said...

You know we call Trevor, Clever Trevor, I have been trying to think of a good name for Devin, could it possibly be Devilish Devin. He always seems to come up with little devilish things. Maybe I better keep thinking I don't want him to try to live up to a name like that.
Love you all,