Sunday, September 23, 2007

Superman Returns

I watched Superman Returns last night with the boys. Trevor and Devin are both into Superhero types. When they play together, Trevor always try to make Devin the bad guy so that he can be the good guy, and Devin always resists. "I'm not the bad guy!" He says.

The movie was long, but pretty well done. At one point, Trevor did ask if it was too violent for him. It was loud, but it wasn't human to human violent, or even human to superhuman violent.

Near the beginning of the movie, Superman Returns and immediately saves Lois Lane. She was on an airplane that was spiralling towards a baseball field. Superman flew to the nose of the plan and used his strength to stop the plane from crashing and burning then gently set it on the ground. Just when it looked like Superman may get crushed, Trevor stuck his hands in the air as if he were pushing on that plane himself and said, "OH, SUPERMAN!" He was stressing out.

He also asked at least 80 questions, to which I knew a lot of the answers because of the days when Christopher Reeve was Superman (plus, I'm a really good guesser, just like Trevor.) He snuggled in and covered his eyes during the tense moments. Then he went to bed without a fight.

It was a good movie for a couple of budding comic book superhero fans.

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