Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Saving the day and Frogs, 2 Stories for the price of one.

Every day starts with coffee in our house. We really like coffee. After all, every day in our house starts with coffee.

But, our coffee pot is no one step jobby. Not at all. You have to fill it with water, make sure the carafe is empty, dump the old grinds, put in a new filter, move the filter basket over the grinder side, then push a button to grind the coffee (at which time, any child within earshot covers his ears and screams "TOO LOUD" while running from the kitchen area.)

It's a lot of steps and since every day starts with coffee, these steps have to be performed before the day has really even started. This morning, we forgot one crucial step. We left out the filter. A funny thing happened. The hot water flowed through the grinds causing them to swell and blocking the exit from which the fresh brewed coffee would normally flow. So, nothing appeared to be out of the ordinary at first. It even smelled good. But, then, hot water mixed with coffee started flowing out of the top of the filter basket.

And, that is when Trevor stepped in.

"Mom, the coffee pot, the coffee pot!"

I pushed the power button and yelled for the computer guy, not certain that turning it off would accomplish much. When the computer guy took over the clean up phase, I praised Trevor for saving the day! It would have been such a HUGE mess if he hadn't spoken up when he did. I called him a coffee hero. It made him so very proud. He kept a close eye on the computer guy as he cleaned up the mess. "Let me see, Let me see." He proclaimed, "I saved the day, didn't I, Dad?" Devin ran over, too, wanting to see the averted crisis and claiming he saved the day, too. I let him be the hero of not spilling his milk, and he was happy.

And, then we made a new and different pot of coffee and our day began in earnest.


Trevor is taking a French class at his Montessori School. His first lesson was today. Funny thing about Trevor, whenever I ask him what he learned in school today, he always tells me, "Nothing." And, then, if ice pops were involved, he will tell me what color his ice pop was and show me his tongue.

On Monday, I thought his first lesson was on Monday, so I asked him if he learned any French. He tried to tell me that he didn't learn any French that day. But since he has a history of telling me that he learned nothing at school, I didn't believe him. So, I pressed on. "What French words did you learn? Au Revoir? Bon Jour?"

"Oh, yeah. Bon Jour, Bon Jour! I know Bon Jour."

"Oh, did you learn that in your French lesson?" I asked, vindicated.

"No, I learned it in Flushed Away. The frogs said it."

"Oh." Me. Defeated. The frogs had won. His first French lesson is today, Wednesday. Not Monday.

Bon Jour!

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