Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Picture Story

"OK, Boys. Sit by each other so that I can take your picture."

"Trevor, put your arm around your brother, OK?"

"Ok, Mom, but if I put my arm around him, I'll probably squeeze too tight."

"Just don't squeeze too tight."

"Mom, Trevor squeezed too tight."

"AHHH, Got you! I was just kidding. I love this guy!"

"If there's a better big brother in the world, I sure haven't met him!"

"Aw, shucks, Devin. That's a nice thing to say. You're all right, too."

"Are you done taking pictures, yet, Mom? I'm really bored of this."

"Yeah, I'm done. Did you see that the flower I bought didn't die, after all?"

"Great, Mom! Hey is the neighbor's dog outside? Is it the grandma dog or the other one?"

"It's the other one, Trevor. I'm pretty sure he won't bite. Did you see that the mums are starting to bloom?"

"That's great, mom! Did you pinch them like Grandma told you to?"

"I think so, see how nicely rounded it is?"

"Oh, yeah! Great Job, Mom! Are those perennials or annuals, do you know?"

"I'm pretty sure they're perennials."

"Cool, so they'll come back next year?"

"Yeah, I think so."

"Hey, can we go watch Scooby-Doo now?"

"How about the Simpsons? I'm really bored of Scooby-Doo. Those shows are older than me."

"Yeah, the Simpsons!"

1 comment:

nita said...

i get my mums nice and round with a hedgehog.

they don't look that nice.

your kids are the cutest eva!