Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A new character

I want to give Daddy a name. Other blogs refer to the Daddies as things like The Dad or Marlboro Man. I've been calling the Daddy in this blog just Daddy. But, I've never really liked that. It's not like he's your daddy, right? I mean, I know that you know who I'm talking about, but what if some random person stops by and is like, Daddy? He's not my daddy! I want those random persons to be happy too and maybe come back. Someone in Idaho keeps stopping by despite the fact that I don't have a clever moniker for Daddy. And, I appreciate that reader in Idaho (Do I know you? Long lost cousin, maybe? Chad? Random reader? Let me know!) But, I think a clever name for Daddy would just make me feel better about things.

I would like to leave it to my readers. Or, at least, I'd like your input. The three I've thought of are:
1. The Computer Guy
2. The Handy Man
3. Mr. Clever (but, I don't even like this one, so don't waste your vote on it.)

Leave a comment, cast your vote. Much Obliged.

--Tricia (I've never been able to think of a clever moniker for myself, either.)

In other news, Trevor is clever.

He took a book to his school yesterday because he wanted to read it to his class. It's a book about Scooby Doo and a Creepy Chef, and it's about 20 pages long. It was his bedtime story for about a week, and he memorized nearly the whole thing.

I know memorization isn't reading, but I think it's a great first step.

He read the book to his class yesterday, and it took the teacher a couple of minutes to catch on he was reciting it from memory, that's how well he did.

We are very proud of our Clever Trevor.

In more news, Devin. Devin, Devin, Devin, Devin, Devin. I love you, but you are one ornery kid.


MOM said...

I like computer guy, because he built me a computer, I also like handy man because I know he is really handy about installing things and repairing things around the house. Clever is Trevors, you know clever Trevor, I think I have called him Clever Trevor long enough that name is his and not his daddys. You could call him the Sweet guy, or the brillant man around the house, maybe not, thats too long. How about the Smart Fellow, almost the same as Clever. I like them all but he is your guy so choose what ever you like the best.
Love MOM

MOM said...

I've been thinking Clever guy would be great because he is Clever Trevor's Dad. Yeah that would work just great. Now think of some name for the little guy, like maybe like,hummmmmmm, I don't know the little cutie, lucky guy, not to many things rhyme with Devin. You will just have to work on that one.
Love MOM