Saturday, July 07, 2007

Excuse me!

I think that Trevor likes his school. Before we moved, Trevor would ask, "Is today a work day?" on the days that he had to go to school. Then, he would melt down when we told him it was.

This morning, he asked, "Is today a school day?" and when I answered it was, he said, "YAY!"

It's working out well.

Devin is doing really well, too. He likes school because 1)his brother likes school and 2)he must like the school, too. I'm a little bit in awe of his ability to express himself. He's getting more and more articulate every day. He's certainly getting some of this from Trevor. This morning right before it was time to go to school, he asked for a nectarine. He knows he likes nectarines because he had two just the day before. When I told him no, there was no time for a nectarine, he said, "I Never Get to Have one of those!" Not quite true, but he's heard Trevor use a similar tactic on things and I suppose he thought he would give it a try.

I'd like to talk a little about my new neighbors. They're retired, so they see everything we do. This is OK, though, because they've told us they're retired and see everything we do. Here's an example. We painted our kitchen Red. They know this because they can look in our windows from their windows and see that. It's really great, though, having neighbors who know what color you paint the rooms they can see from their house. They also know things like why the Gas Lights aren't really Gas and why our 4 year old house needed all new carpet. They also know other neighbors to tell us about. It's a good thing. I weally, weally wuff it.

Anyway, I was talking talking to our neighbor yesterday along with Trevor and Devin. Trevor wanted to talk, too. He was polite. As polite as a 4 year old can be when he wants to tell the neighbor that he likes Hot Wheels and has a book about dinosaurs. He said in a loud voice, "Excuse me!" to get our neighbor's attention. I pay attention, too. He's got hearing aids, this retired neighbor who knew our kitchen was red. So, Trevor had to say excuse me pretty loudly and he had to say it more than once. One of the last times he got his attention, Trevor asked, "Why haven't you invited me over, yet?" The neighbor promised to invite him over soon.

Phones were out tonight all over. And, our neighbor came over to find out if our phone was out, too. Trevor asked him again, "When are you going to invite me over?" He prefaced this with "Excuse Me", of course. Neighbor promised to invite him over tomorrow. He even asked what kind of snacks Trevor might want. That was nice. He's got 4 or 6 grandkids of his own, so he's been around that block.

I really think we're gonna like it here.

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