Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Rock and Roll

If you've been here a while, you may remember a video of Trevor saying "ROCK AND ROLL" just before he sped off in his jeep. Well, his interest is Rock and Roll has not waned since then. At Christmas, he got a little truck that sings, YMCA (of all things.) He likes the truck, and he plays with it a lot. Sometimes what he likes to do is say, "You're listening to Rock and Roll with YMCA!" like he's a DJ at a local Rock and Roll station and then push the button that plays the song. That's always fun. Just yesterday, he found some sticks we use for a little play tent, and he banged them on a trash can while belting out, "DON'T LET ME DOWN!" (the Beatles.) And, he belted it out. I'm not using that word, belt, lightly.

So, I guess it shouldn't come as a surprise (although it does) that he wants to flip his hair like a Rock and Roll star. And that I'm his new hero because I can flip my hair, that shouldn't come as a surprise, either. The look of delight on his face when I took down my ponytail and flipped my hair out of my face was, well, delightful! Next time I flip it, I'm going to play the air guitar and sing Revolution (more Beatles) and see if I become his favorite again...

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Trav said...

Next time you're over, we'll have to get the boys in the basement where all my Guitar Hero gear is set up. :)