Saturday, February 10, 2007

Photo Blog

After Trevor's spectacular fall where he landed on his lips, we took pictures. We took several, in fact...

He's OK now. Check these out. He got a haircut today. The stylist said, "what do you want?" I said, "Short." She said, "what number?" I said, "HUH?" We settled on 4. I'm pretty happy that I didn't settle on 1.

It is as short as it looks. More than ever, this kid looks like MY kid. As she shaved his head, I got flashes of Austin, Stephen, and Cecil.

I miss his messy long-ish red hair a little bit. If hair didn't grow back, I would cry myself to sleep for the next week, and maybe even the next month. But, Trevor likes it. In fact, as I realized how short it was, I think I blanched, then I and crowded out the stylist for a closer look. She stopped shaving. Trevor said, "it's OK, mom." Later, he told me he liked his hair because it's a "rocker hair cut."

This one was NOT staged.

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mom said...

I love the pictures, Trevor looked so sad with his big lips, it also looked like it hurt. But then, the hair cut. He looked so very happy with the short hair, but I'm like you, what a shock. He is so cute no matter what, of course so is Devin. Love you all, MOM