Friday, February 09, 2007

Language Acquisition, Part 52

One night, I was sitting on the couch with Devin, and he said to me, "Dee Yi Ah."


"Dee Yi Ah!"

I don't get it.

At that point, I think he got up and went over to the light switch, and turned the light off.

OH! Dee (Turn) Yi (Light) Ah (Off or On).

Now, when he wants to dee yi ah, he grabs his little stool and does it himself. He's our lights police.
Not my blog, but awfully funny


Husband and mumble expert said...

I'm no expert in 2 year old mumbles, but I'm pretty sure "Dee" is Devin speak for "The" - not "Turn".

Busy_Woman said...

Matter of opinion. Mine continues to be that Dee when spoken in conjunction with Yi Ah means Turn.

But, thank you. I even like comments from you that you tell me about after you've written them to make sure I look at them.