Monday, February 05, 2007

da Bears, II

Me and Daddy watched the entire football game last night. Thank goodness our Big TV was returned to us the previous Friday in working order! The boys, surprisingly, had no interest in the game at all and stayed in the basement watching Playhouse Disney, instead.

So, I was surprised when Trevor came up after the game was over and announced that he liked the Colts better because the Bears are boring.


I tell you, this is the only football game I've ever watched on TV in its entirety. We have watched the superbowl before, but we always fast forward through the game so we can watch the commercials. I enjoyed the game. I felt invested. I wanted the Bears to win. (I wonder if Lovie Smith will stay loyal to Rex Grossman next year??)

And, Trevor likes the Colts because the Bears are boring? He was born in Bear territory, and he likes the Colts because the Bears are boring? We certainly didn't give him any reason to prefer the Colts over the Bears, and I'm sure we told him we were cheering for the Bears.

I just don't know what to say...

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