Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Stuff and Stuff and Stuff

At this point in his life, Devin prefers me over his dad. I think it's because I'm softer and a lot more like a pillow than his daddy.

So, the other night, I was holding Devin, and his Daddy wanted to hold him. He had just taken over diaper duty and felt like Devin owed him a good cuddle. But, Devin would have none of it. He only wanted me. To soothe Daddy, I asked Devin, "who is your daddy?"

Devin replied, "best friend."

That just tweaked my heart strings and made me smile.

I asked about me and Trevor. We're his best friends too. Then, I named off his classmates and our neighbor. All Best Friends. But, Daddy was the first best friend, and I think there's something to that.

Now, even though Devin prefers me now, it will not last forever if Trevor is any indication. Why, Trevor told me no less than 3 times on Sunday that he hated me. He also tells me to stop talking with I start lecturing him, and I'm sure that his command to "Stop Talking!" originates from the same place that his "I hate you"'s do.

And, the mystery of Trevor's preference for the Colts over the Bears has been revealed. He likes the magnet (horseshoe) on the Colts' helmets. The Bears' helmets just had writing on it. Just writing is so boring compared to magnets. What a silly 4 year old...

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Mary said...

I enjoy reading about the boys. It keeps me in touch, sort of. Anyway its nice to keep in touch this way.
Love, Aunt Mary