Sunday, January 21, 2007

How to sleep in on a Sunday Morning

Sleeping in on a Sunday morning occurs only through sheer force of will and complete denial that it might possibly be my turn to get up with the boys first. I also have to recruit one or both boys to convince daddy to get up first. Today, I told Devin that it wasn't my turn and that it was daddy's turn as he pulled my fingers in a desperate attempt to pull me out of bed and down the stairs to pour his juice. When he realized my will was stronger than his, he went to daddy's side of the bed and told him it was his turn.

Daddy must have sensed my unwillingness to get out bed, and he gave in to Devin's insistent tugs. He got up first. I had won.

I had won.

And, I wasn't giving up this win for anything less than a bona fide emergency. So, when Devin ran into something with a little crash, I stayed under the covers. When he said, "OOW!" I didn't move. When Daddy said nothing and Devin said "OOWWEEEEE!" in a blatant attempt for acknowledgement of his "oowee" I smiled, but stayed still underneath the covers. Daddy offered a sympathetic, "Oh, are you ok?" and I stayed in bed for another two hours.

So nice.

1 comment:

mom said...

you are soooo bad, that was funny.
I bet it was a hard won two hours and you will pay for it later.
love Mom