Saturday, January 20, 2007

Hold me, Momma!

For the last year or so, Devin has been able to go up and downstairs on his own. Half the time, he would get to where he wanted under his own power, and the other half of the time, he insisted that I carry him. Because he is so cute, and I treasure every second of cuddling with him (except first thing in the morning when I'm not all that balanced) I normally acquiese to his commands of "Wait me! Hold me!" and carry him up and down the stairs.

After the new year, though, I decided that he had taken the mommy elevator up and down the stairs enough. He's 2! He should be able to get around on his own. He's accepted this change with little complaint. But, he still tries to hop a ride on the mommy elevator every now and then.

Just a few minutes ago, I asked if he wanted to go downstairs to watch cartoons. He was holding juice, a hot wheels car, and a plastic duck (my quack-quack). If he were really determined, he could have made it down the stairs on his own, even with his hands full, but I was heading down anyway, so I offered to take his things.

First, he handed me the car, "Hold my car." Then, he handed me his juice, "Hold my juicy." Then, he handed me his duck, "Hold my quack-quack."

Then, he lifted his arms up and said, "Hold me!"

I laughed, refused to pick him up, and he made it down on his own just fine.

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