Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Devin's Language Acquisition, Part 28?

I suppose that because I started blogging after Trevor started talking, I don't have a clear recollection of Trevor's language acquisition. With him, all of a sudden (in my memory, at least) he just started talking in near complete sentences one day. That day was 1/15/05 when I asked "Who is your favorite teacher?" and he responded, "You're supposed to not bite your friends." I got that on video. You've probably seen it.

I also don't recall being fascinated and endlessly amused at Trevor's language acquisition, as I am with Devin. I feel bad about that. Nonetheless, here's a few of Devin's recent phrases.

"Get my candy, right now." (that was just a few minutes ago, and he sorta growled the right now part).

"Go Eli's house, play."

"Go get my juicy."

"Go get my choc milk."

"My glovies! My hat."

"My Treasure" (his word for Trevor)

"Go downstairs."

"That way...go that way!" He usually says this when I'm driving, and of course I can't see what way he's pointing. So, he gets upset when I don't go "that way."


He also repeats whatever we say nearly perfectly when he's in the mood, which is about as often as he gets a chance to speak, which isn't all that often because his big brother talks a lot. He has a lot of curiosities that need to be satisfied...

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