Monday, January 08, 2007

Some Disney Pics

Trevor and Devin in a stroller together. After Devin bit his friend shortly after arriving to WDW, Devin was pretty much stuck with Trevor for the rest or the week.

LIGHTNING SPEED MCQUEEN! LIFE-SIZED! OMG! (I was pretty impressed myself.)

Trevor with Lightning

Devin...either with Lightning, or simply without a parent within view.

Check out his eyes! I think they moved, just like in the movie!!!

Is this the best picture of Cinderella's castle? You be the judge. More will follow. Oh yes. More.will.follow...

Main Street in the Magic Kingdom at Christmastime

Maybe this is the best picture of the castle.

This sort of thing happened a lot.

The Tree of Life at the Animal Kingdom (at Christmastime).

A princess gave him that kiss.

It looks like love.

This last favorite Disney pic of the trip and perhaps of all times...

See how perfect Trevor's smile is? Even is posture is above average. The look on Devin's face is the icing on the cake...

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