Tuesday, November 21, 2006

It's not all about Trevor!

Devin has been doing some pretty cute things, too. First, he continues to mock us all very well. Last night, he was standing on his changing able, and I said, "Don't Fall" in a mommy sing-song voice, and then he said, "Don't Fall" in a Devin sing-song voice.

He also continues to say, "Wait Me!" when it's time to go downstairs. Recently, he spent a good bit of the afternoon saying, "My Turn!" And, his favorite drink is still either "Choc Milk" or "Juish" (which used to be ju...recently he's added an S-ish sound to the end of his favorite drink.)

Last night, he told Daddy he wanted more juish (he was also signing more), and Daddy asked if wanted Apple Juice. Devin told him "NO, NO WAY! JUISH" That was fun...

He's also very much into the Simpsons. When he wants to watch the Simpsons, he signs more and says "More O, MORE O!" I think this means More Homer. If we're not quick enough, he was also retreive the remote for us. And, he refuses to watch commercials. Commercials cause him to make little noises of protest and sometimes cry. Someone recently asked me what toys he likes to play with, and all I could really come up with was TV. He loves TV. I suppose I should be teaching him to ride a bike or play checkers soon...

We do love our little Devin.

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