Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Broccoli Girl

Trevor just got his pajamas on and he came downstairs and told me that I am BROCCOLI girl. I think it's because the HULK on his pajamas looks like broccoli.

I agreed to be broccoli girl and went back to reading MSNBC. A few minutes later, he comes over to me and says, "OK, Broccoli Girl, I need your help. I need you to throw broccoli at the bad guys." I did that for awhile, and it was fun. Then, Trevor says, "Oh, let me see what time it is." Then, he looks at his wrist and says, "Yep, it's time to get to work." Then he says to Daddy, "Come on, Spiderman, we've got a job to do!"

Imagination at work...

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