Thursday, November 16, 2006

Games in the car

I got to drop off and pick up the boys at school today. Trevor likes to ask lots of questions in the car. One of his most confounding question formats begins with "Mom, why should you never..." and ends with something like "...scare people when you are trick or treating?" or "...go to Dino-land?"

"Why should you never go to Dino-land?"

How do you answer this type of question? How do you answer this question when it's the 55th such question in a series of similar questions? My answer went something like this...

"I don't know why you should never go to Dino-land. I don't even know where Dino-land is. I think it's possible that if Dino-land exists, it might be ok for me to visit. I just don't know how to answer your question, Trevor!"

He answered something like this.


Which was his way of saying, "Stop Talking!"

Then he went on to say, "The reason you should never go to Dino-land is because the Dinosaurs live under the ground like earthworms!" So, he knew all along.

In an attempt to regain my good humor, at this point in the conversation, I asked (with lots of enthusiasm) if Trevor was interested in playing the quiet game (I seriously tried to win this game when I was a kid...what a sucker!) Trevor told me that NO he did not want to play the quiet game. In fact, he did not want to do that because he was playing the "QUESTION GAME!"

Why didn't he tell me it was a game??

Anyway, I really was tired of answering Trevor's overly complex questions, so I told him that I was going to play the quiet game myself (I used to be so good at it.)

This was upsetting to Trevor. He told me that I was not following his rules. So, I asked, "what are your rules?"

He told me, "you can't play the quiet game when I'm playing the question game!"

I just laughed and laughed and tried to call Vikki to tell her how funny Trevor is. But, she was in class and wouldn't answer my call.

I didn't even know the Question Game even existed.

Now I know.

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