Thursday, October 05, 2006

That Little Devin

He really is the cutest thing.

This morning when he woke up, he came into the bathroom with me. It made him unhappy because the light was so bright, and he was a little whimpery. He was a little something else, too, but I'm not sure what.

One of the words he knows is "shirt." I had just gotten out of the shower, and I was drying off. He handed me a shirt out the dirty laundry pile and cried a little. I put it down, so he handed me another shirt from the same pile and cried a little when I put it down. I don't know if he has a problem with my nudity, of if he just wanted me to get dressed so that I could go downstairs and get him some breakfast. Lately, all he wants to eat is Cer-cer (cereal.) He also like ju (juice) cha mil (chocolate milk) CHA MIL (chocolate milk now, please) toe (toast), Nana (banana) and gray (grapes). He also likes raisins, but I'm not sure he knows any word for raisins. He doesn't really have a word for grapes normally. He gets a bowl and tells me "more". This is also his way of telling me to go out and buy some grapes because his bowl is empty and I have no grapes to fill it with.

But, I've digressed.

After getting him some cer-cer and mil and raisins, I went ahead and set him in front of the TV, as is our custom now. When I went to get him so that we could leave, I said, "Let's go!" He replied, "No way!" I turned off the TV, and he said, "No way!" Then he noticed that the TV was still on (the receiver was off so there was no picture) and he said, "TT AH!" This meant either meant TV On or TV off, I couldn't really tell. We went upstairs to put socks on, and some other question caused him to respond, "No Way!" again. Then, he pushed Trevor, got a time-out, and after it was over went and told Trevor (Tra-Tra, which sometimes sounds like Tricia) Sor-Sor (sorry) and gave him a little hug, kiss and pat on the back. (That last part really happened last night).

In the car on the way to work, he was sad, just crying and crying. "Why are you sad?" we asked. "Use your words," we told him. He did try to use his words, but we didn't understand, so he continued to be sad. Trevor thought he knew why.

"He doesn't like being a toddler," Trevor told us.

So, as Devin on the verge of turning 2, he's the cutest little man I know with a fantastic little vocabulary when it comes to food and TV. He's also a little ornery and he's getting more and more familiar with the Time out chair. Being a toddler might make him sad every now and then if Trevor knows what he's talking about, but we certainly love him loads.


mom said...

you make me want to just grab him and give him a great big hug.

Busy_Woman said...

He is really hugg-able.

And, I think it's not the nudity. Because he came in this morning, too, and I was wrapped in a towel, and he kept trying to give me shirts. He just wants to go out of the bathroom, but he doesn't want to leave without me.