Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Grocery Outing

Even though my fridge and cabinets are full, we have nothing to eat. Too much junk and empty containers. I need to get serious and throw some things out! So, yesterday, the boys and I took the opportunity to go buy some groceries. Usually, one kid on a grocery outing is one kid too many, but I was clever. I went to Dominick's, got a buggy that looked like a firetruck, BUCKLED THEM IN, and got them Hot Chocolate and a cookie at Starbuck's.

They got comfortable, kicked their shoes off, and mostly, they were good.

Until the end of our trip...

We watch the Simpson's almost every day, and as a result, I'm going to have to find a church (Trevor likes to ask about God who appears on the Simpsons every now and then) and the boys have a few bad habits. One of their bad habits, picked up from the Simpsons, is to repeat the word, "die!" over and over and over. And, then start again.

My cart was full, and I was searching one last thing...raisins. The boys began their chorus of "Die! Die! Die! Die!" I pretended I didn't know them, but since I was pushing their buggy, it was an ineffective ruse! Another mother was pushing her kids in a firetruck cart, and she offered no sympathetic glance at all. I think her lips were pursed in a disapproving stare (Or, could it have been her own grocery outing angst? She had THREE KIDS!) I could tell she thought I was a horrible mother. I got in line right behind her. Fixed her wagon, that's what I did. Inside, though, I was dying because her cart was as full as mine and there were no other open lines and even though my children had been yelling "Die! Die! Die! Die!" over and over, I still felt it was a successful trip that would end badly if I didn't check out immediately.

Fortunately, a manager came by and sensed my anxiety. He opened a new line. Devin immediately started grabbing for candy, and Trevor immediately told on him. I repositioned my buggy, threw all my items on the conveyor, and then pushed the buggy out of the line up by the bag boy. "They're your problem now!" I told him. He wasn't amused, but the cashier, a mother of five, was.

That's the end.

"Die! Die! Die!"

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