Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My biggest problem as a parent

My biggest problem as a parent is that I'm lazy. Sometimes, it's easier to give in and give a cookie than to be consistent with the no cookies before lunch rule.

I do need to work on this, and I have been for the last two days. It's called refusing to negotiate with my children. I picked it up from Nanny 911.

I think it's working. I feel like a powerful mother. And, it's really easier to take one stand and not flip-flop from it. (I just have to keep telling myself that).

I get literal, though. During a few tantrums, I told Trevor his tantrums wouldn't get him anywhere because I wasn't negotiating with him. So, once, he flapped his arms at me and said, "I'm not negotiating with YOU!"

But, back to being lazy...

Sometimes, I have things that need to be taken upstairs, but I'm too lazy to take them. So, I toss them up the stairs. I did that today, and Trevor said, "Wow, Good Toss, Mom!"

I suppose it's no wonder he wouldn't even get off the couch to tell his Dad his coffee was ready.

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NLR said...

Kids r like that! the 1 thing u do wrong is the 1 thing that they will IMMEDIATELY try to do themselves! I know this is almost 98% true in my house, and my kids aren't even babies anymore! LOL!